If friends are the family you choose to have in your lives, then neighbors are the in-laws that are selected by default and never leave. We’ve probably all had some good neighbors in our day. Ones that lend us sugar and milk, bring over a cold brew on a hot day, help us clean out the gutters and have a general sense of respect for our personal space and privacy. This article is not about them.

The bible says to love thy neighbor. Well when your neighbor blasts his favorite Pandora station 24/7 and stomps around without respect for you or the other neighbor (who has a newly born) it gets a little straining to have respect for anyone. No I don’t like your techno or your Bruno Mars, the Lakers suck, your girlfriend is ugly, every time I pass you I snicker at you for a reason. So, asshole in apt. #177 go fuck yourself and turn your shitty music off by 10pm like the rest of us. Unless you are banging that ugly chick that you call your girlfriend, then just kill yourself.


About Things I Loathe

I have a lot to hate about the world. You would too, if you were smart.
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