Bro Hos

YIKES! These girls scare me more than their ‘roided out boyfriends. First of all, they can drink more than their boyfriends due to the lack of brain cells that would normally be damaged from alcoholic intake. This is dangerous, because they know how to fight. Their UFC wannabe boyfriends usually use them as a punching bag when their son they had when they were 16, pisses on the toilet seat. Second, they look like Christina Aguilara got into a bar brawl with Snookie and shat out Daisy from Rock of Love, ladies and gentlemen, that is a terrifying sight to behold.

Be careful with that cigarette sweetheart, I wouldn’t want the flat brimmed hat that you borrowed from your boyfriend to get a burn hole in it. I’m saying this because your giant fake black fingernails can make for a nasty fumble, you might pop one of your fake tits. Next time you go out you may want to leave that Iron Cross belt buckle and the Hitman/Affliction/UFC glitter shirt at home. Between those accessories and your white and black skunk extensions you are making me go cross-eyed. It is cute that your 4 year old son has a mohawk and he can already flip the bird to kids his own age though. Good luck with your life. I’m sure the trailer can fit another dirt-bike inside of it, and that way you can save money to have your tramp stamp finished.


See also: …Goatees


About Things I Loathe

I have a lot to hate about the world. You would too, if you were smart.
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