Lack of Line Etiquette

Having to stand in a line is bad enough, having you cut in front of me in said line and then stand within inches of where I was already standing, yacking on your cell phone to your mother about what you had for lunch and how it made for a painful bowel movement is not alright. I for one already knew what you had for lunch. The mustard stain on your fat thighs and the wrench of garlic on your stinky unbrushed breath gave it all away. Your armpits stink, your unwashed hair just brushed my eyeball and your kid is puking on my shoes. The little dog in your purse just farted and I was here first!

Have people completely lost their sense of their surroundings? It’s as if once people leave their homes, the manners that were bestowed upon them as children go flying out their SUV windows. For christ sake, what happened to congeniality? I have ingrown toenails and it hurts like a mother-fucker when you step on them, saying excuse me would be nice. Then I might not punch you in the back of the head for butting me in line.


About Things I Loathe

I have a lot to hate about the world. You would too, if you were smart.
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